What’s the difference between screen printing and DTG?

Screen printing is a popular apparel printing method. Each color is on a separate screen. DTG , direct to garment, printing is like a big inkjet printer that sprays the water based ink on the fabric. With screen printing, each color you use adds cost. With DTG, it is a 4 color CMYK process which is great for printing images and gradients. If you have elaborate, colorful designs (such as a photo of your cat with a rainbow gradient background), DTG is the way to go. DTG is also great for smaller run, custom orders.

What file format is needed for the artwork?

Vector based file format such as Adobe Illustrator or an .eps file format. Ultimately, the file is rasterized in the printing software so other file formats that are preferred are .PSD or transparent background .PNG. Regardless of file type, the most important thing is highest resolution possible.

File resolution?

File resolution is always more important that type. Resolution means the pixels per inch, but really what matters is the total number of pixels for a file. You can find the pixel dimensions by right clicking on your image and going to properties (PC) or get info (Mac). We need big numbers here for things to print good

What’s the largest dimensions you can print?

The platen size on our printer is 18″ x 12.6 inches, that is the largest total coverage area for a single image we can print.

What can you print on?

Most everything that is cotton or most blends of cotton. The best results are on 100% cotton material, but we’ve had just a good results with 50/50 blends, tri-blends, and rayon.

What can’t you print on?

100% polyester and most non fibrous synthetic materials

What payment methods do you accept?

All types! We can process payments through Square (which accepts credit cards), Venmo, and PayPal.