Let us fulfill your online orders

Say you want to offer your company’s logo or your artwork printed on a t-shirt or tote bag on your website. But you don’t want to pay a lot of money up front or store a large amount of inventory, especially if you are just starting out. You don’t need to order in bulk, let us help! We can fulfill your orders for you! For example:

  1. You are a local artist. You would love to sell tote bags with your designs on your website.
  2. We work together to create an example of the finished product.
  3. We work out what you pay us to create the item, including processing and shipping.
  4. You list on your site. You charge whatever you want for the product.
  5. You get an order, you contact us (or have some type of automatic alert system in place), we fulfill the order and ship directly to the customer.
  6. Win win for everyone!

Let’s chat on how we can work together to make this happen for you!

Band t-shirts

Let us rock some merch for you

We are also musicians that have been in multiple bands. We can remember having to buy 50-100 shirts at a time just to be able to afford them to sell then sell at a show. But that was ancient times. Now with the beauty of the interwebs and social media, bands don’t always have to keep a large inventory.

Let us do small order runs for you, when you need them. We do not require a minimum order and there is no maximum on the number of colors.

We are passionate about working with bands. Let’s work together!