T-shirts, tank tops, collared shirts, sweatshirts, crop tops

Tote Bags

Lightweight totes, canvas bags, reusable cotton, grocery bags


Bandanas, personal cotton face masks, protective apparel

But that’s not all! We can do aprons, tea towels, and most anything else. The only thing is it needs to have a certain amount of cotton to be able to print. We cannot print on polyester.

Got an idea? Let us create it!

Creative Design Services

Maybe you want a picture of your dog with a party hat and “Party On Dude” written in fun letters underneath. Or you would like your cat on a surfboard with “Surf’s Up!” like the picture above/to the left. Lucky for you, we have an expert** graphic designer at Golden Lope Productions that can help you with that!

With any custom design, we encourage and need direction. Gathering other examples and even sketching it out on a cocktail napkin helps us out tremendously.

Design services are a separate fee from printing

**For real. She’s an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and other technologies. So if you have other graphic design needs, let us know!